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Niels Johnson-Lameijer

Niels Johnson-Lameijer's home town

Growing up

I grew up in a small town in the South of the Netherlands (Ulvenhout) in a loving environment filled with family and friends. After flowing through regional schools (yes, I could walk and cycle to all my schools), I left my parents house for University. Wageningen was my city of choice where I studied at the Wageningen University world renowned for its environmental and sustainability studies.


With my master's degree in land use planning and a minor in communication studies fresh in my pocket I became one of the youngest lobbyists in the Dutch Senate for the nation's third biggest export industry (the flower and vegetable greenhouse industry). I founded a greenhouse development company and served as the CFO and day-to-day manager of numerous multi million EURO public-private partnerships. In those first years I felt like a giant sponge soaking up all the new knowledge and experiences around me. Even though I thoroughly enjoyed racing up the career ladder, I felt something was missing. After a while it became clear to me that my passion was not so much working with numbers or politician but to connect people with their core skills and talents in order to increase productivity, happiness and resolve conflicts. Right around that time something changed ... dramatically changed.

Coming out of a long lasting relationship, I went to Mexico on vacation with a good friend. There I met an amazingly beautiful, intelligent and funny woman who was American. We knew back then and there on the beaches of Mexico that something special was happening, and it still is. After "doing the long distance thing" we got married and we decided to start our life in California, where we now still live.

Happy couple
Happy couple

Coming to America

Choosing for a life in the United States and thus leaving behind family, friends, and a smooth running management career was a huge step and has changed and enriched my life in many ways. One of the most precious gifts of my emigration was the opportunity to reinvent myself, pursue my passions and translate them into an even more fulfilling and exciting career. Combining my passions for personal empowerment, public speaking, and management experience brought me to the field of Corporate Coaching. I completed my certification training and have been full-time coaching ever since. I find myself blessed to empower my clients to greater heights and fulfilling lives as their certified Corporate Coach and Life Mastery Coach.

If you would like to know a little more about some of my other passions visit my community engagement page where I share about my work in the community and with our local wildlife, hawks, falcons and owls.