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Niels Johnson-Lameijer and Santa Barbara

By Niels Lameijer on Dec 31, 2009 at 12:00 AM in Corporate Coaching Blog, General, Life Mastery Coaching, My Life


By Matthew Burgess, founder of

I had an opportunity to sit down not too long ago, over tea with Niels Johnson-Lameijer. He was introduced to me by Michael Neville, who’s known Niels for some time.

He’s an immediately engaging and enjoyable person, and he struck me as the kind of guy that spreads positive attitude like a contagion.

Niels is very active in the community, including his role as a tennis coach in Carpinteria. Here’s a bit of what I learned about his business.

Neils Johnson-Lameijer has had a busy year. His career as a corporate and life mastery coach is booming, especially in the Santa Barbara area, where businesses of all kinds are looking for ways to reinvent themselves and stay successful in the current economic climate. Niels reports that he’s been able to help quite a few people and businesses to “increase their income and revenue, find new jobs, new relationships and boost their overall happiness” in 2009.

Beyond simply working with companies and non-profits, Niels also coaches individuals on how to lead more fulfilled lives as well as careers. ”All my clients have one goal in common,” says Niels “to achieve happier, more balanced and successful lives.”

Born in the Netherlands, Niels began his career as a CFO at a Dutch development and equity firm. He also started a greenhouse development company and worked as a political strategist for the flower industry in the Dutch Senate. This varied background demonstrates Niels’ many interests and the strong skill set that sets his life coaching business apart. He began a career as a life coach after moving the U.S. in 2006 and earning a credential from the International Coaching Federation.

What does Niels’ job entail? He says:

I define goals, create visions, and optimize productive behavior for a variety of people and businesses – such as CEOs, entrepreneurs, home makers, retirees, artists, athletes, large corporations and non-profits.

For corporate clients, Niels assists with creating strategies, setting goals, fostering teamwork, increasing productivity, and opening up lines of communication. The goal is simple: to help corporations and other businesses reach their full potential.

Individual clients also benefit from life mastery sessions. He tells us that he has helped artists, realtors, designers, and other small business professionals to empower and organize their lives and careers.

Niels’ offers flexible scheduling to his clients, including both in-person and on-the-phone sessions. A combination of creativity and practicality is an important element of his coaching techniques.

He feels that his European background is a key factor in his success.

I find that it gives me a unique and fresh perspective on my clients in the US and helps me to see different possibilities and avenues to greater levels of success. Coaching is about changing behavior and for me, as a European, I find it easier to see certain patterns in American companies.

Starting a new career as a corporate coach and life mastery coach has been deeply satisfying for Niels, especially given his opportunity to work in the United States. “With emigration to the US, I had the grand opportunity to reinvent myself and expand my career and fully build on my passions.” Now, Niels coaches others how to successfully do the same.

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