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Oil drilling in Carpinteria? A daily blog

By Niels Lameijer on May 30, 2010 at 12:00 AM in Corporate Coaching Blog, General, My Life , Sustainable Alliances and Leadership

I have always been very interested in group dynamics and political processes within communities. As a former political strategist in the Senate in the Netherlands, I use my experience and insights with my corporate clients and my organizational coaching.

My home town of Carpinteria is buzzing because of the elections on June 8th 2010. There is Measure on the ballot (Measure J) which has divided the town in Yesser- and No-ers. Measure J is ballot initiative, sponsored by oil company Venoco, Inc. [NYSE: VQ]. The Measure will give Venoco, if approved, permission to allow an onshore, extended-reach, or slant drilling project, within City limits, to access oil and natural gas reserves in the Santa Barbara Channel.

Carpinteria is a sleepy little beach town, one of the last in of its kind along the Southern California coast, and the upcoming election is having a profound effect on the community: organizations are losing members, friendships are strained, family ties are under pressure and people are being "defriended" on Facebook.

I have decided to blog about "what's going on in Carpinteria" up until election day. I started 30 days before the elections and am sharing my insights on a daily basis.  

I hope you enjoy the read.