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What does Corporate Coaching have to do with the FiFa World Cup Soccer 2010?

By Niels Lameijer on Jul 09, 2010 at 12:00 AM in Corporate Coaching Blog, General, My Life
The FiFa World Cup Soccer and Corporate Coaching

Fifa World Cup 2010
Fifa World Cup 2010 and Corporate Coaching
I am confident that you are aware of the FiFa World Cup Soccer taking place right now in stunning South Africa. It started early June and now they are in the final stage... the Final. This Sunday (11:30 PST) "my team" the Dutch face off with the team of Spain.

When it comes to the Dutch national soccer team, we "Hollanders" are a bit crazy. Wearing bright orange outfits, we will color every stadium, restaurant, or bars to support our national team. The achievements of our 2010 national soccer team have about unleashed a complete national feast. Over 30.000 people watched the Dutch win their semi final on the museum-square in Amsterdam, and 12.3 million Dutchies watched the match on television (to put things in perspective... that's about 75% of the Dutch population!)

Setting my Dutch pride aside a little and observing the team's development through my set of "Corporate Coaching Glasses" I see a lot of great things. The team's coach Bert van Marwijk has been building his team for over two years now. Not a simple task since he does not have full access to all his players because most players play in the national leagues of England, Germans, Spain or Italy. Van Marwijk only sees his players a few days before a national team match. What Van Marwijk has accomplished with this national team is remarkable. He has been able to craft a strong team spirit from a group of players who are all high profile players or starts at their own teams. In this Dutch team each and every member is aware of the goal the coach has set for the team "becoming World Champions" and they are willing to set their egos and personal agenda's aside for the team.

Is it possible to create a similar kind of highly successful atmosphere in your company? Absolutely it is. That is what Corporate Coaching will bring you. Employees are just like the soccer players: employees also have different backgrounds, experiences, skills, and of course ... opinions. Key to crafting a team that is highly successful and effective is clear and open communication, mutual respect and the ability to fully expand personal skills and talents.

Dutch Soccer Team
Dutch Soccer Team

Incorporating elements of Coaching in your company will help expand your (company's) success. Engaging a Corporate Coach to help create a high performance environment is a great first step. One of the great benefits to hiring a Coach is that you can be sure of help from a specialist in the process of creating an environment for optimum performance. As an "outsider" to your company a Corporate Coach will be able to create relationships with your staff build on confidentiality and personal empowerment. A Corporate Coach is not a member of the "line-management" thus a safe place to share work floor experiences and desires.

If you are interested in seeing what Corporate Coaching can do for you and or your business, or for a business you know. Feel free to send me an email or call me (805.617.3513)! My first consult is always complementary.

Oh... before I forget, of course I like the Dutch to win the World Cup, and I truly believe they have a perfect opportunity to do so! The Dutch fought their "war of independence" from 1568 to 1648 (80-years of war), and guess why they beat in the end? Indeed the mighty Spanish empire! Let's do that again, not in 80-years, but this Sunday in a fair play-battle on the soccer field over 90 minutes!