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National operating organization seeking for organizational structure, refocus success

A nationally operating multi-million dollar marketing organization headed up by owners and CEO's of several different production companies, wanted to take their organization's performance to a new level. The Board recognized that they had failed to continue their expansion and the pressure of competitors and clients' demands weighted on internal relationships and the organization's effectiveness.

When there tend to be multiple "captains on one ship" it is key to have strong, crystal clear processes in place lodged in a firm structure. Niels started the Coaching process by connecting with each Board member and have them articulate their vision and commitment for the company. At an all-hand meeting Niels guided the Board in renewing their commitment, crafting a future vision and creating new organizational structure for the company.  During the meeting strict house rules and empowering facilitation created a productive and safe environment for each Board member to participate and provide input. Niels utilized the member's personal connections to get to the core of the organization's issues and then build on individual skills and preferences creating a new culture and supported by a structure of accountability and open communication.

Over the past years the members' personal relationships had been interfering with making sound management decisions. Resentments, loss of profit and lack of accountability within the board resulted in the organization's diminishing results. Due to the Corporate Coaching process, the Board members could be direct and clear with one another in an honest yet firm environment. By sharing personal preferences, skills, and insights a new structure was created and implemented for the organization. This course of action led to more efficient processes a raise in profits, drove quality up and above all significantly increased mutual respect and strengthened relationships.

Business owner looking for ways to harness success and reconnect to passion

KM has been an entrepreneur all his life. His current company has successfully conquered the local market but with growth come challenges. The company's growth has caused chaos due to the lack of processes and structure in place. KM finds himself buried in paperwork and chasing after employees to live up to the clients' deadlines. KM feels not in control and he is not doing the things he envisioned himself doing (and loves doing) when he started his company.

KM and I started the Coaching process by revisiting his original ideas and visions for his company. Why did he start the company in the first place? What was he passionate about? Where is the passion now? Then we explored where it is he wants to go: What is your ideal situation? Connecting his original success with the future vision we created a plan and a route. Among the first action steps were:

  • Improving company culture by organizing a company training and incorporating new ways of goal setting, accountability and communication.
  • Setting strategies for his personal development.
  • Embracing the concept: "I am not your friend but a friendly boss." communication, accountability.

His change in leadership approach led to a significantly better company culture; the moment you walk into the office you immediately notice the happy and more productive energy of the team. KM's personal growth, his letting go of non productive processes and employees, and hiring of new employees on newly identified positions have greatly increase his joy in the company and led to a significant increase in profits and clients. 


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