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Life Mastery Coaching Topics

Niels Lameijer is a sought-after public and inspirational speaker. Niels' most requested Life Mastery Coaching topics are described below. Please know that all topics are available as a 30 minute speech to a one or multiple day seminars and workshops.

Niels customizes his all of his speeches and trainings to the specific needs of the clients combined with the current actuality creating personal empowerment.

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Wired for success: focus = reality!

Niels Johnson-Lameijer
Are you wired for success? If you were to constantly monitor your thoughts, on a scale from 1 to 10 (1 being negative, 10 being positive), where would most of your thoughts gravitate towards? Your thoughts have a very direct influence on your life. Learn how you can utilize your thoughts to create greater levels of your success.

Taking the Trash out with a smile; finding passion in daily life.

What is it that brings you joy in your life? How do you make sure that you are feeding this joy in everyday life? Learn to recognize your passions and it fuel your engine on a daily basis. Living your passion is in your reality, and after this event it's even closer than you ever thought it would be.

Realizing your full potential.

Many of us float around on the river called life, living life as it comes to us. Are you feeling you are living your fullest potential? What is your full potential and how do I live it every day? Find your personal strengths, and discover easy tools, you can use in your day-to-day life to help you realize your full potential.

Getting unstuck: Creating your perfect balance in life.

Where does your time go? Do you find yourself wondering how it is that just another day, week, month, went by and you feel that you are just stuck in a place you do not prefer to be? How do you utilize your time? What are your priorities in life and how do they reflect in your day to day activities? Get the overview of where your time goes and utilize the tools which will help you direct where your time goes.

Seeing the opportunities in Transitions.

What are the big transitions in life and how do they affect you? What choices do you make in the process of change? Where can you see the opportunities for growth? Where can you see the passion, even the joy? Find and reconnect to your joy and passion, get back on your desired "life track"