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Corporate Coaching Topics

Niels Johnson-Lameijer at a Corporate Retreat
The Tools!
Niels Lameijer is a sought-after public and inspirational speaker.  Niels' most requested Corporate Coaching topics are described below, please keep in mind that facilitation and trainings are customized to meet the specific needs of all clients.

Creating Sustainable Alliances.

All over the world people get together to fight against, almost anything. Is this the most effective way? Fighting against vs. joining forces; create a sustainable dialogue, engage in active, effective communication, create long lasting alliances and realize visionary projects.

From "bobbing" around to peak performance.

Is every employee on the same track? What are the company's mission and visions and are they known though out the company? Determine a strong vision and positive solution oriented focus. Create consistent action, build on personal strengths and learning styles, and communicate effectively.

Utilize your corporate culture.

Having experienced both cultures there are some distinct difference between the European and American "job" cultures. Summarizing; fear rules in the United States, trust rules in the Netherlands. What are the driving motivators in both cultures, what are the common communication styles and what can you apply in your environment. Create the ideal environment, the best of both worlds.

Improving morale.

How is the overall morale defined? What are the key strengths of your team and managers, and employees? Find out how building on personal strengths, incorporating multiple communication styles and civilizing your company, improves morale and creates peak performance.

Work/life balance.

How affects a good work/life balance productivity? Why would an employer care about experiences outside of work? How can you create your perfect balance? What are your priorities, how are they reflected in your life?

Creating Sustainable Leadership.

How to lead and empower, to guide and inspire, and create sustainable alliances, companies, and relationships that and bring out the best in each and every participant.