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Sustainable Alliance & Leadership

"It is time for a new approach to global governing -- where government, environmentalists, consumer and the corporate world join forces to create a sustainable future. A future in which, sustainable businesses go hand-in- hand with environment and community. A future in which, environmentalists, corporations and governments advocate to join forces and create global, solution focused partnerships. It's time to harness the reactive and powerful "fighting against" energy and transform it into inspired, collaborative action that move towards mutual goal achievement."~ Niels Lameijer

Fighting against creates a focus on that specific element you do not want to see realized. The energy related to this is usually fuelled by fear, frustration and anger. I believe in redirecting the focus and thus the origin of this energy towards that reality people and organizations want to create.

Enter the world of Sustainable Alliances & Leadership, a business model designed to create effective, long-lasting partnerships between business world and the people around them.

I am a noted expert in creating sustainable alliances by connecting people in an honoring, respectful, and empowering way. My business background as an international political strategist and senior project manager and my passion for a sustainable community give me a unique perspective that allows me to see opportunities and solutions where others see dead-end roads.

With Niels Lameijer's Sustainable Alliances I combine my Dutch heritage-- where people are grounded in collaboration, consensus, and direct communication -- with my internationally accredited Corporate Coaching training in building constructive, effective relationships between partners with seemingly opposite views and philosophies.

My approach includes visioning, organizational mediating, motivational speaking, and forming strategic partnerships. I also conduct key community meetings to guide differing groups in constructive dialogues that fosters understanding and solidifies actionable plans that solve community issues.

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