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Niels is a true asset to our community!
John W.
30+ years local resident
Niels has helped me to stay focused on the issues that are the most important for my company to be successful.
Michael K, Business Owner
Santa Barbara
If you are looking for a business management consultant to help you grow your business, Niels is the guy.
Jeremy, Business Owner
In only two sessions, Niels was able to focus my life direction pursuits and to put me on a track of achieving my goals.
- Ray B.
I highly recommend Niels to anyone who has tried, and tried, and still cannot find a way forward. He will open new opportunities, teach you new methods, and enable you to discover your own strengths.
John S.
Niels is an outstanding Vistage Chair and Executive coach. He has been a terrific adviser to my professional challenges and personal improvement. Niels is a great resource who listens and then delivers clear, thoughtful, and most important, valuable feedback. He has become an invaluable resource to me in helping to shape my thoughts and strategies in my business. He's insightful, and is always looking for a way to add meaning and be relevant to my needs. I highly recommend Niels as a Vistage chair, executive coach and facilitator.
Gordon Seabury
CEO, Toad & Co
Niels is a very confident and capable leader of CEO's. I've seen firsthand the impact he makes and highly recommend him. If you are a CEO or executive in Santa Barbara area of CA, you need to know and work with Niels. He cares and he makes a difference!
Mike Pierce
Leadership Speaker and Author
I hired Niels as a facilitator for half-day retreat with a large, diverse group of individuals with no particular agenda - usually a recipe for disaster. Niels was great at guiding the group through the day, keeping us engaged and ultimately delivering results. Couldn't have done without him!
Gerhard Apfelthaler
Dean, Educator, Entrepreneur, Author