Clarity, Focus, Results

For over a decade Niels J. Lameijer has been guiding CEOs, business owners and executives, to greater levels of clarity and success. Through Vistage Peer Groups and Executive coaching Niels works with business leaders who know what it is like to be curious, have an innate drive to improve themselves, and positively affects those around them.


As a Vistage Chair Niels works with the world’s leading Executive membership organization guiding CEOs and business owners to making better decisions, improve leadership performance and bottom-line results! Niels leads three Vistage Peer Groups, coaching over 40 local CEOs and business leaders in the Greater Santa Barbara area. In addition to his groups, Niels trains new Vistage Chairs all over the world and coaches a select few “emerging leaders.”

Are looking to get better results, expand your leadership skills, improve your team’s effectiveness? Take a dive into the world of CEO Peer Groups, Executive Coaching, Facilitation and Team Excellence.