The Executive Coach

People all over the world are experiencing the same restlessness, the same sense that their lives could be more balanced, more successful, more creative, and frankly, just more fun. Yet, moving from their current realities to living their fullest potential often seems like an overwhelming and impossible journey.

Connect with the limitless possibilities of Niels Lameijer's Executive Coaching and Life Mastery Coaching, a powerful process focused on bringing out people's fullest potential in order to gain clarity, focus and take consistent, inspired action towards living your full potential and mastering your life.

My name is Niels Lameijer, and I am an internationally operating, certified Executive Coach and Leadership Coach.  I guide top notch companies to higher levels of efficiency and success and coach passionate individuals of all ages to live their dreams. I collaborate with individuals for personal coaching; executives for leadership coaching; businesses for employee and high performance coaching; and organizations for strategic development, executive coaching and creating sustainable alliances.

Vistage International 

Vistage International is the world's leading membership organization for CEO's established in 1957. Vistage has over 15,000 members in 15 countries, all joined to increase their business-success and have more fulfilling lives. Through peer groups and executive coaching Vistage offers members unparalleled resources to more effectively grow their companies and improve their leadership skills.

As a Vistage Chair, I help people who run businesses to become Better Leaders, Make Better Decisions and Get Better Results, utilizing highly effective executive coaching and peer advisory group practices. 

I draw on a formal executive coaching and personal leadership coaching training (iPEC Coaching), the teachings of great wisdom traditions and cultures, my European heritage, and my travels across the globe. I have been acknowledged for my enthusiastic, empowering energy that creates a safe place to explore and grow; my knack for recognizing the true essence of people's dreams; my laser sharp insight that clarifies goals; and my gentle yet firm guidance that keeps people confidently moving towards personal empowerment.