North Carolina Executive Coaching Leadership Development


Focused on personal and professional growth, accountability, and creating breakthroughs, my coaching is only for those who play full out and fully lean into the process of embracing transformation and realizing success. I believe life starts and transformation happens at the end of our comfort zones, where we frequently spend time. My style is direct and comes from a place of caring deeply for your success in life and business.

Executive coaching is focused on the goals and growth of the executive in an open and honest environment. Most discussed topics are:

  • Communication styles
  • Strategies for deploying company changes
  • Personal growth and development

Why hire a Coach?

"Why hire a Coach?" is a question I hear at times. Think about it this way: are you surprised when a top Olympic athlete works with a coach? Is that coach working on teaching them how to compete in their discipline? The athlete knows perfectly well how to swim or run fast. Their coach tweaks and helps optimize performance to stay on an exceptional high level and grow even higher. And this is no different in Executive Coaching. I work with high performing leaders in business and life interested in sustained high performance and growth.

If you are looking for a business management consultant to help you grow your business, Niels is the guy.
Jeremy -- Business Owner