North Carolina Retreat Facilitation, Strategic Planning


Powerful Results Appear When People Play All Out at Meetings

Too many strategic off sites, board retreats and team meetings, feel like an inefficient use of time that often times keeps staff from actually getting work done. An outside perspective brings clarity and focus to a complex meeting or project. I help you design your meetings or group process geared toward a lasting results. During the meeting I facilitate and guard the process so you and your team can fully focus on the content.

An external (objective) facilitator can help break through unproductive habits, help bring up sensitive topics and address the elephant in the room so you make the most of your valuable time together.

My tailored straightforward facilitation approach is the link between productive meetings and constructive outcomes. Whether a strategic board offsite, leadership team strategic session or regular team meeting, together we work towards the ultimate outcome and save you time.

What I do best:

  • Strategic Planning Conversations
  • Conflict Transformation
  • Team Development
  • Board/Leadership Team meetings

Why use a facilitator?

  • Clarity and Focus: focus on time management, process and productive conversations.
  • Objectivity: draws out the true discussion since there is a lack of bias and true commitment to hear all participants
Niels has helped me to stay focused on the issues that are the most important for my company to be successful.
Michael -- Business Owner
Santa Barbara