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Connecting with my siblings

By Niels Lameijer on Feb 07, 2010 at 12:00 AM in My Life


This week I took the initiative to have dinner with both my siblings separately. I realize that when I am back in the Netherlands I always see them with the rest of the family or with their partners, and we rarely have some “alone” time.

Last Tuesday I had dinner with my little brother Sven, who is not so little anymore I realize by the way. He’s 26 years old now and with 6 ft something there is no real reason to call him “my little brother” anymore. Except for the fact of course that I am the older brother so … he will always be my little brother!

Sven and Niels

I very much enjoyed spending the evening with him over a delicious meal. He is such a great guy, smart, dedicated and a lot of fun to be around. He has grown into a dedicated partner to his girlfriend and a smart, creative consultant.

Tonight I had dinner with my sister Ilse, at another great restaurant in Breda. Again the food was delicious (some extra workout is already on the calendar for next week) and the company very dear. Ilse has almost reached the age of 30 now and I have to admit my "little sister" that she has grown into a beautiful woman with a great personality and plenty of passion in her career.

Ilse and Niels

I am glad that we have taken some time out of our busy week to spend time together. I realized that being in a group can be great fun, also pretty superficial though. And with these two “sibling-dinners” I feel that we have been able to really connect on a deeper level.

Being so far away from my family, the frequency of our visits goes down, the quality totally changes, and not necessary for the worse. Because we do not see each other every week, I feel that we connect on a deeper level when we do see each other. We take the time to have meaningful conversations beyond the “how are you doing? Great, how are you?”A definite benefit of my emigration.