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4 Steps to a successful week home

By Niels Lameijer on Feb 12, 2010 at 12:00 AM in Life Mastery Coaching


Back in California again, after the perfectly balance week in the Netherlands. Great family quality-time, awesome dinners with friends and some interesting corporate coaching chats. And because I had plenty of down-time in between I have returned well rested and intensely happy.

In the plane I did some thinking (I was life coaching myself a bit): "What was different my week in the Netherlands such a success?"

When I booked my ticket three weeks prior my trip, I knew I would be in Holland for about nine days. Every time I fly home I have a whole list of family and friends I would love to see. So this time I set a clear intention "to get the most out of every day and connect with my closest relatives, see my best friends and have plenty of time for walks in the forest and the cities I lived in.

Then I asked: "knowing my intention what could my week specifically look like?" Who would I want to see, and what I would like to do with them? Answering this question results into specific names and activities and thus I could take immediate inspired action to email and call the people in question setting up the appointments for the week.

Key for me was that I did not completely jam-pack my week. I know that it works best for me to have a good amount of time available when I can relax and do whatever I feel like in the moment. This greatly helps me enjoy every single moment of my time away, especially when the visit seems short.

So summarizing the success:

  1. Set a clear intention.
  2. Envision what your intention could look like.
  3. Take Inspired Action!
  4. Live the moment and Enjoy

Forest Ulvenhout