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The quest for the Holy Grail: finding balance in life!

By Niels Lameijer on Nov 17, 2010 at 10:02 AM in Life Mastery Coaching, General

Finding balance in life is like a Holy Grail Quest: highly desirable and compelling yet persistently elusive. Many people only realize they have lost their balance when they are quite a bit off the spectrum and have been out of balance a lot longer then they thought they were. Work, family, friends, kids, relationships all soak up our time without us consciously making choices in how we would like to spend our time and what would be good for our body, mind and soul!

I have seen it many times when people are merrily floating along on the river called life and are not noticing that they have drifted off course and are steadily heading toward some serious rapids. Not until they're within ears range of the roaring white water, they jump into action and are frantically trying to make changes in their lives.

To me it's never too late to make changes in your life, I believe anything is possible, as long as you belief in the possibility of change. Changing the course at such a last minute can be quite a bit harder than when the waters are still calm and the river not filled with peaking boulders and sudden rip-currents.

In order to make the desired change we will first need to figure out where it is you actually want to go. And figuring this out is usually easier said then done. In most cases sight of the destination has been lost for a while so some digging and soul-searching is required. Doing this without getting sucked into the rapids is possible; however it does require some master navigation. Key ingredients for a successful navigation are: FOCUS and REFLECTION.

Once a goal is established the next step is to reshape your current reality into a road map which will lead to your determined new destination. Perhaps some anchors need to be thrown first to stabilize your current position, but then step by step, the new course will be taken and life will be going into the right direction again.

And if you are in need of the assistance of a master navigator, you know where to find me!

Enjoy the journey!