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Coaching for Organizational Change

When an executive team discusses a certain organizational change they would like to incorporate in the company, they frequently just plan to roll out the plan "over" their employees. The management then basically "sells employees" on the organizational change and thus forces them into it. It is not uncommon for when this occurs, a high level of resistance ignites from those not involved in the planning process. Employees experience the change as "a lighting strike over clear skies," feel not heard and thus the commitment to the proposed changes will be minimal.

A Corporate Coach is a thinking partner, instead of telling change is needed, coaching supports the creation of the right framework for people to buy-in to the change. The corporate coaching model focuses on increasing productivity by helping people expand their own capacity to accept the change and apply it to their own situation. The result of utilizing coaching is a business format for creating a buy-in within in a short time period which will result in huge savings to the bottom-line!

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