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Corporate Coaching

Corporate coaching (or business coaching as corporate coaching is frequently referred to) is often misunderstood in the business world. Some believe that hiring a business coach is a sign of weakness in the leadership and/or the organization. Coaching is frequently seen in relationship to performance issues, professional development needs, or behaviors that need to be "fixed."

In fact, coaching is a leadership tool that is quite different than pure performance-based counseling or mentoring. Coaching supports the professional development of average performance into high performance, it centers in building people's core skills and talents. It is focused on where the client wants to go, it expands on that what is working, not on fixing behavior that is not working. Coaching brings out the best in each and every individual and thus raise overall organizational performance and increase the bottom-line.

As a professional corporate or business coach I, inspire and empower executives, employees and businesses to new ways of thinking in order to create a level of consistent high performance - all with the intention of maximizing organizational success.

Let's imagine an athlete working towards their big event, the Olympic Games. With whom do they partner to achieve their goal? Indeed a trainer and coach.  Coaches are not there to teach the athlete a different sport. Rather, refine an athlete's high performance to achieve maximum results and lasting success.

This is very similar to corporate coaching. Corporate coaching is a strategic business tool that helps the company or organization and all its employees (from executives to assistants) reach that next level. Just like an elite athletic coach, a corporate coach is essential to achieve business goals and create a structure, and environment of continued success.

What are the coaching benefits?

The benefits of coaching are numerous and include: increase in happiness, balance, health, business and personal success.

Organizations that invest in coaching also find significant profit to their bottom line. Several studies have shown Return On Investments as high as 500%.

Corporate coaching especially generates a positive impact by:

  1. Attracting and maintaining quality people.
  2. Increasing retention of skills and knowledge from training.
  3. Enhancing personal and overall effectiveness increase.
  4. Improving leadership (teams) and professional development.

For an overview of what the above can mean for your company or organization, send me an email