What makes a truly great life coach and how on Earth does one choose the right one?

There are so many out there from so many schools of thought cluttering the landscape. I heard Niels speak at a lecture prior to my 30th birthday and thought at long last, I would give coaching a try. Perhaps I hoped this would be something akin to a Scandinavian Socrates or Aristotle on a mountaintop imparting ageless wisdom.

It was better in actuality as the Mt. Everest I was climbing, was simply an invisible mountain of limitations placed upon myself. I believe that some mentors are made and some are born. Niels is the latter, possessing a natural gift for helping cultivate greatness in others, drawing forth their talent and passion and helping them to move courageously in the direction of their fear. With his help, I have transformed every area of my life and career in the past few years building lasting relationships and achieving new levels of business success. If you are looking for results and to effect positive lasting change for yourself or your company, let Niels be your spirit guide along a journey of one thousand miles, beginning with a single step: the decision to hire him. You will not find a finer human being who is more dedicated to helping others and more innately suited to the task. My highest recommendation! My only regret is not having done so a decade sooner.