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Thanksgiving celebration

By Niels Lameijer on Dec 02, 2009 at 12:00 AM in General, Life Mastery Coaching, My Life


I had never given "Thanksgiving" a thought until five years ago. To me, it was just another American holiday I had heard about in some Hollywood movie. It looked like an excuse to eat a lot and ravage department stores sales.

I celebrated my first Thanksgiving just after my official immigration to the U.S. Now, after celebrating each year with my American in-laws, I can say that Thanksgiving is not what it seems from the outside (even though turkey-induced comas and Black Friday are part of the mix). Thanksgiving Day has actually become my favorite holiday.

What I love about Thanksgiving Day is that every American takes time to be grateful. Grateful for their loved ones, grateful for the food on their table, and grateful for all the gifts in their lives.

We tend to take life, and our loved ones, for granted. We focus on the things we don't have rather than what we do have. This often makes us sad, frustrated, scared, or even angry. Taking time on Thanksgiving -- and every day -- to express gratitude for the blessings in your life generates a different energy: love, joy, contentment, and peace.

In my humble European opinion, Thanksgiving Day is one of the America's greatest traditions. Thank you, Americans, for this wonderful day of gratitude.

I wish you all a marvelous Thanksgiving Time!